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Hangzhou Xin Hao Medical Technology Co.,

the company was founded in June 2011, is located in Chunan County in West Zhejiang province. Location: Qiandao Lake Lake National 5A level scenic area is located in a city with hills and lakes ", enjoys the convenient traffic environment is richly endowed by nature green mountains and rivers; South: Hangzhou high-speed exit, north of State Road 320, which belongs to the high speed of economic development in Zhejiang province from the Hangzhou City circle within hours.

the company is mainly engaged in medical dressing development, manufacturing and sales, the main products are 6864 class II medical materials and dressing (medical protective film, medical dressing), class I medical materials and dressing (medical tape, infusion paste), class II surgical instruments (6801 basic operation electric knife clean sheet two categories). The main product market is more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China.

company is located in Gushan town of Lake Economic Development Zone Industrial Park, covers an area of 4000 square meters, construction area of 2800 square meters, clean and beautiful environment, transportation, sanitation, fire safety and other supporting facilities, has the standard one hundred thousand clean production workshop, professional warehousing thermostat, biological and chemical laboratory, independent power supply system, etc. perfect facilities, overall planning and rational layout. The existing advanced medical dressing production line 3, has a perfect production and processing technology and strict quality control system, to provide customers with products that meet the needs.

our company is committed to the development and production of new medical dressings to provide customers with high quality products and sincere service. The company adheres to ", honesty, quality first and development ", and keeps pace with the times, always strives for innovation, improves product grades, creates integrity businesses, implements brand strategy, and serves customers at home and abroad with product quality and market reputation.

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