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  • Operation room, shadowless lamp maintenance rules
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with the economic level rising, now, large hospitals are equipped with special lighting equipment is one of the operation room, operation room in shadowless lamp. In order to guarantee the normal operation of the operation room equipment life and maintenance of shadowless lamp, for example to our operation room shadowless lamp as an example, we except for the installation of some of the more basic , at the same time, there are a lot of rules we need to use and maintenance the details are as follows:

first, dedicated management, repair and maintenance. Always check whether the loosening of screws to prevent the occurrence of shadowless lamp, fall, every year by the professional staff of the shadowless lamp for maintenance, non professionals can not disassemble the lamp or circuit.

shadowless lamp handle

/><" secondly, avoid the stimulation of chemical disinfectants in order to avoid the damage of shadowless lamp, corrosion. The lamp handle can be treated by low temperature plasma sterilization, pay attention to adjust the distance adjusting lamp, avoid collision, pull shadowless lamp shell.

then open the shadowless lamp should be open from weak to strong, do not look great, so as not to damage the bulb, after use should be shadowless lamp brightness to the minimum, then turn off the power.

finally, do operation lamp cleaning work, every time before and after surgery to thoroughly wipe the shadowless lamp, to ensure clean, no stains, after the end of surgery should be fixed on the shadowless lamp function, so as to keep the balance of different fixed function to prevent the serious influence.

shadowless lamp use matters needing attention in the operation room, we care for you Yan ho first introduced so much. If you have a demand shadowless lamp, you can contact us ho Hin order. Much more excellent, sincerely look forward to your call!