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  • Medical dressing manufacturers explain why natural gauze dre
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Medical dressing, which is used for wound dressing, is used to cover the medical materials of sores, wounds or other injuries. With the in-depth study of the pathophysiology of the wound healing process, the understanding of the healing process of the wound is becoming more and more profound, thus promoting the continuous improvement and development of the medical dressing manufacturers.

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Traditional medical dressings are made of natural gauze. It is also the most widely used medical and Health dressing. Traditional natural gauze processing is relatively simple, and has the characteristics of rapid absorption of wound exudates. But at present, natural gauze is less and less used in medical and health care. The medical dressing manufacturers will analyze for you why.

1, the permeability is too high, it is easy to dehydrate the wound.

3. Environmental microbes are easy to pass, and the chance of cross infection is high.

2. Adherence to wound will cause reoccurrence of mechanical injury.

4, the amount of consumption, frequent replacement, time-consuming, and patient pain.

With the development of modern medical science and technology, some medical dressing manufacturers have produced better medical dressings, such as non-woven fabric, which is one kind, so the traditional natural gauze is eliminated naturally.