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  • Operating procedures for safe use of electric knife
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Operating procedures for safe use of electric knife:

1. Select the electric knife with fanless natural cooling system, which is suitable for most laminar flow purification operating rooms. First evaluate whether the patient is suitable for using the electric knife, choose the appropriate brand of surgical accessories according to the operation, check whether the power supply, electrode cable is broken, and the metal wire is exposed.

2. Select and check the negative plate, check the leads and chucks; choose a negative plate with a suitable size and shape (infants under 15KG should use special plates for infants and young children), and check the adhesion of the conductive plate.

3. Evaluate the patient's skin, select the appropriate part to install the negative plate and connect the negative plate plug to the machine:

A. Appropriate installation site: as close to the surgical site (but not less than 15CM) as the flat vascular-rich muscle area; remove the hair from the local skin and keep it dry and clean; do not cross with the surgical site left and right; Objects, pacemakers, ECG monitoring electrodes;

B. Inappropriate parts: skin folds and bone bulges, scars, thick fat, body weight-bearing parts, and liquid accumulation parts;

C. Pay attention when installing the negative plate: check the expiration date, if the product is out of date or unsafe, do not use it; if using two pieces, always ensure that the position of the neutral axis of the two piece type neutral electrode is facing the surgical area; The plates should be tightly connected to the skin; keep the plates flat and cannot be cut and folded; avoid soaking the plates when disinfecting and rinsing.

4. Connect the electric pen to the machine, start the self-test, and adjust the output power after the display plate is installed correctly without an alarm indication.

5. After use, shut down and remove the negative plate correctly, check the skin under the electrode plate, and clean the electric knife with multiple wipes by wiping method.

Tips for removing the negative plate: Fix the skin, and slowly remove the whole piece along the long axis of the skin and the horizontal direction of the texture. Do not pull the plate clamp to remove it.