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  • Operating flow of protective sheath for operating microscope
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  Operating procedure of protective sheath for operating microscope:

  1. Remove the protective cover and lens cap of the microscope.

  2. Relax the brake device on the base, fold each cross arm, tighten the brake handwheel and push it to the operating bed.

  3. Plug in the power socket, turn on the power supply, then turn on the microscope switch, check whether the function is normal, the light can be on.

  4. Wrap the lens and forearm of the microscope with aseptic transparent protective sheath, then cover the lens with protective sheath on the objective lens, and try to tighten it to prevent the light source from reflecting the lens. Then hang the elastic bands on both sides of the protective lens to find the two points upward.

  。 5. Cover the primary and secondary eyeglasses to be used, tear off the adhesive and fix the seat. Put the other side away.

  6. Tighten the fuselage with two waistbands on the mirror cover, tear off the adhesive and fix it well.

  7. Place a microscope according to the operation site. After satisfaction, brake the base brake firmly and tighten the brake wheels.

  8. At the beginning of the operation, assist the operator to adjust the lens to the functional position by twisting the black button on the arm. The light source should be adjusted from the smallest brightness to the appropriate one. The focus of the objective lens should be adjusted according to the pupil distance and the diopter of the eye, and then the focus of the objective lens should be adjusted to achieve maximum clarity.

  9. At the end of the operation, the itinerant nurses turn off the microscope switch first, then withdraw the power supply, buckle the lens cap, cover the protective cover of the microscope, and arrange the position. Notes: 1. In the course of operation, if the surgical instrument meets the lens of the protective cover, do not wipe the lens to prevent the influence of the transparency of the lens. 2. Microscope should prevent vibration and impact, fix the operating room and avoid repeated movement. Two persons must operate synchronously when the protective cover of a microscope is set, and the operation manual for sterile articles shall be followed. 3. After use, the lens surface is regularly wiped with degreased cotton dipped in anhydrous alcohol to keep clean. Cover the microscope with a protective cover to keep the optical system clean.